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Selemix is the light industrial coating brand of PPG Industries, a highly respected global supplier of coatings, paints and materials with around 150 production locations in nearly 70 countries. Founded in 1883 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , PPG Industries has long been at the forefront of technology and continues to emphasise the development of breakthrough products and processes.

At Simply Coatings we work with Selemix to develop and deliver efficient coating solutions to job coaters and industrial manufacturers in their search for best performance, quality and services. We are proud to be a founder member of Selemix Select, offering the very best stock levels and support for our customers.


  • High quality products and services which are tested and certified by the ISO 12944 quality systems dedicated to the Light Industrial Coating market.
  • Paint process solutions to meet a wide range of industrial applications whilst increasing the business productivity for end users.
  • Business specific training courses covering products and services for both distributors and end users.
  • An unrivalled range of colours matched to industrial and international colour standards whilst providing innovative and leading edge support tools.


We realise that it is about expertise and guidance, which enables you to achieve a maximum performance and to deliver excellent, reliable and enduring quality.

PPG Selemix is a Solvent borne or Waterbased one pack and two pack system comprising a range of Primers, Topcoats and ancillary items offering quality products for almost any application.

The range includes Direct To Metal, Cellulose, Synthetic, 2K Polyurethane, 2K Acrylic, 2K Epoxy & much more.

We are able to offer packages for those looking at setting up their own paint mixing operation in house. This includes supply and installation of the system including scales and computers as well as training and ongoing support.

We are also able to offer various warranties on materials such as Glass, Composite and UPVC. For details please contact us to discuss further..

We have our own onsite computerised mixing facility so can manufacture colours on short notice if required.

When spraying any paints but in particular 2K products it is very important to wear the appropriate PPE and ensure others that may come into contact with airborne vapours and spray are adequately protected too. We supply a range of products that can help including Air Fed Masks and Spraying Shelters. Please contact us for details.