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PPG Protective & Marine Paints

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Simply Coatings Ltd are pleased to be a fully authorised PPG Sigma Paint Supplier & Distributor.

A range of Primers, Intermediate Coats, Topcoats & Thinners from the PPG Sigma brand.

The range includes numerous products for industries such as Offshore & Marine, Pipe Coatings, Industrial, Rail Markets, Highways Agency and more.

When spraying any paints but in particular 2K products it is very important to wear the appropriate PPE and ensure others that may come into contact with airborne vapours and spray are adequately protected too. We supply a range of products that can help including Air Fed Masks and Spraying Shelters. Please contact us for details.

From 24th August 2023 new EU legislation requires anybody handling or using Isocyanate containing products that fi within the legislation to have carried out mandatory training online to promote the safe use and handling. This course costs €5 and once completed a certificate will be provided covering the holder for 5 years. Simply coatings will require anybody purchasing Isocyanate containing products that fall within the legislation to provide us with a copy of their certification.

The courses can be found here