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Max Meyer

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Over the last century, MaxMeyer coatings has become a major international refinish industry, keeping true to its original philosophy: to improve the business for its customers, making painter´s life easier by delivering high performance products that are easy to use.

For the future, MaxMeyer products remain the industry benchmark for offering excellent results in a simple and effective way.

Simply Coatings are an official PPG distributor of their complete range of vehicle repair products this means that when you buy from us you only get our support but also the complete technical backup of PPG at your disposal.

We also offer mixed colours and can install complete Max Meyer AquaMax Waterbased paint mixing schemes if required.

When spraying any paints but in particular 2K products it is very important to wear the appropriate PPE and ensure others that may come into contact with airborne vapours and spray are adequately protected too. We supply a range of products that can help including Air Fed Masks and Spraying Shelters. Please contact us for details.