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Axus AXU/BRS3 Super smooth brush set (RED SERIES)

These brushes feature fine synthetic filaments that are designed to achieve a smooth finish, and tapered to release paint evenly.

Axus AXU/BBS3 Pro-Brush set (BLUE SERIES)

These brushes feature a slightly stiff, full-bodied stock of tapered synthetic filaments, engineered to pick up a large amount of paint.

Semin Ultra Light Filler White 0.5lt

Light weight, fast drying filler.

Semin Ultra Light Filler White 1lt

Light weight, fast drying filler.

Axus AXU/RFG4S S-Frame Mini Frame to fit 4" to 6" Rollers

Rust-resistant frame with special grip to absorb pressure and reduce hand strain.

Axus AXU/RW410 HD Foam Mini Rollers 4"/100mm Pkt 10

Ultra high density rollers that don't deform easily & can achieve a fine finish even when used with oil-based coatings.

Their ever-expanding portfolio of products is comprised of high quality, professional decorating tools and accessories that cover the span of a project, from protection to clean-up.

Through five decades Axus have collected suggestions from thousands of decorators. They discovered a high demand for superior products and they wanted to pioneer change. So Axus evaluated those opinions, extensively studied weaknesses of existing products on the market, and finally curated the Axus Décor range.

Their ever-expanding portfolio of professional decorating tools and accessories covers the span of a project, from surface protection to clean-up.


We've always had a desire to have the best products on the market; back then and now, so we follow a protocol which facilitates that. We are passionate about creating products that lead to better results, faster, whilst also being more enjoyable to use.

R and D Process


Axus are a third generation family business with substantial concern for the future planet that our own children (Gen 4) will live in. For a long time, they have been pioneering the move away from plastic packaging. Most manufacturers still pack their rollers in single-use plastic, yet it's been over a decade that Axus have been we putting our mini rollers into recyclable cardboard boxes. Other examples include turning packaging into useful storage containers, and opting for compostable packaging in some cases.

Other company initiatives include switching company cars to electric vehicles, educating customers on the advantages of paint brushes with FSC® certified handles and logistical improvements that have reduced emissions from transporting bulky goods. Axus also encourage consumers to choose reusable products over disposable ones, and actively seek to grow our catalogue of long-lasting, reusable items.

Whilst environmental sustainability is of utmost importance to us, improving social and economic sustainability credentials are also high on their agenda for the future.

Painting & Decorating Association

They are proud to support an organisation that continually strives to improve the image of the painting and decorating sector. The PDA code of practice ensures that its members demonstrate their commitment to professional, quality workmanship and fair practice.

As the UK’s largest trade and employers' Association in the painting and decorating industry, the PDA has members across the length and breadth of the country, and has been committed to encouraging best practice across the industry since 1894.

Find out more about the PDA at


Axus Decor distributes OLFA in the UK and Ireland.

The name OLFA comes from two Japanese words, which, when translated, mean to break a blade. The OLFA parallelogram logo is taken from the shape of a snap-off blade.

In 1956 Mr. Yoshio Okada, the founder of OLFA, invented the world's first snap-off blade cutter. The inspiration for this incredible idea came from breaking off segments of chocolate bars and analysing the snapped edges of broken glass. This unique invention has since become a worldwide best seller.

OLFA blades are made with top quality materials, forged with technologies that stem from traditional sword-making, sharpened with technologies that give a blade life, and ultimately finished with the craftsmanship that brings all of this together. All handles are perfectly optimised to achieve the full cutting performance of these high quality blades. They are designed, developed and manufactured in Japan, passing stringent quality checks throughout the process.

Any products with the given symbol are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product, or we will replace them, subject to availability. Improperly used products and replaceable blades are not covered.