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One Coat Finishes – What are they?



It’s something most of us have less of these days. We are increasingly being asked to do more and do it quicker than ever so it’s only natural that we would want to make our life easier.

The paint manufacturers realise this and over the last few years there has been an increasing trend to produce a wider range of products that will protect and finish your work in a single process – the so called One Coat Paint or Primer Finish.

What is a Primer Finish?

Traditionally when you want good levels of protection you use a Primer to protect the material and then a decorative finish to make it look how you like. Primers have always been available in various colours but the gloss level was always very low meaning it didn’t really offer the right look for the job in hand. A Primer Finish offers the protection of a Primer with the colour and Gloss of a finish.

Sounds good?

Well yes they are very good. Think of a typical paint job…

  • Key the surface
  • Clean down
  • Apply the Primer
  • Wait for Primer to dry (30 mins to an hour)
  • Apply Topcoat
  • Wait for Topcoat to dry (30 mins to 4 hours)

This is a very good way to paint but if you are tight for time and need to increase productivity then a Primer Finish will mean you can..

  • Reduce Application time
  • Reduce Labour Costs
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Paint costs

I hear you saying why not use Primer Finishes on every job?? Well they have their limitations as well. Gloss level peaks around 70% which is a high Semi Gloss, they offer very good protection but as a rule when it comes to painting the more layers and paint on the job the better the protection.

So where should I use them?

The best place for One Coat Finishes in my opinion is in the Fabrication market. If you are painting Steelwork, Gates, Railings, Plant & Machinery then generally the level of protection you need to offer will be more than covered by these kind of products and the time savings will be well worth looking at.

We supply a range of Primer Finishes from the Rust-oleum Combicolor to PPG Simgafast 40 right up to the 2K monster of Selemix Direct. Feel free to get in touch and see if they are the right product for you.

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